November 8, 2009

Projecting Nostalga

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No matter how advanced video game systems get, nothing will ever beat the original nintendo.

There is something about the games. Something more than nostalgia. The simplicity of the games are captivating. They are also very challenging perhaps because so many games are so damn “cheap”, frustrating and impossible to pass. For example when your character gets stuck somewhere on the screen that you can’t escape from. Or sometimes there is no way to avoid objects that harm you. Or the boss is simply impossible to pass.

Remember Contra? In my opinion the best video game ever made. Well Calgary Sound Rentals invested in a 3200 lumen projector which is available for rent now. What better way for me to test it out than to project contra across my living room wall. Never before have I experienced the game like this. I don’t have to tell you. It was amazing.

Also I was using the projector during the day. There was plenty of power and lumens to see everything clearly. Everything was sharp. Freaks and geaks had never been bigger or better.

November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009 and the Lee Taylor Band

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Everyone favorite time of year. Halloween.

With a van load of pa equipment and a sack of teeth destruction I headed out to Dutchess Alberta for the Lee Taylor Band.
The community hall was packed. The Jackson five, zulu tribesman, monopoly characters and to top it all off Lee Taylor in a brand new yet surprisingly smelly Elvis suit. Only those with costumes were allowed in which made for a very entertaining evening.

The hall could have accomodated a few costumed giraffes and was wide and long enough to play college basketball in. We went with two mackie 1530 powered 3 way speakers and two qsc subs for the mains. Surprisingly I barley touched any of the graphic eqs I brought. It is nice to work with so much power on stage. Good ol qsc’s.

The party lasted long into November.

Tip #1 do not wear a goulish mask and try to mix. My mask boosted 250-400hz and made it difficult to enjoy a hard earned beverage at the end of the night.