January 25, 2011

Feb 13th Valentines Craft Fair

The Scrapbooking Studio and Calgary Sound Rentals present:

Valentine’s Craft Fair
Sunday, February 13th
Free Admission
107 3009 23rd ave s.w.

Come and Enjoy free coffee, hot chocolate, samples from our vendors as well as live acoustic performances by local musicians!

Vendors participating are:

The Scrapbooking Studio: free make-and-take Valentine cards; handmade Valentines for sale

Chezzy’s Chocolates: free samples of their signature “Baileys and Cream Chocolate Hearts” and
many other hand-made chocolates for sale

Chelsea’s Custom Cakes: free samples; Valentine Fondant cupcakes and larger cakes for sale

Sybillinart by Sabine: Decoupage Artist Sabine sells her beautiful hand-made Valentines crafts

Danielle’s Candy Bouquets: Beautiful candy adorned stems in Valentines decorated vases

Second Cup on 17th Avenue: Donating the co ee and hot chocolate! We love you Second Cup!

Sandi’s Jewellery Handmade Wire Art: A ordable handmade creations for that special someone

Bev’s Baking: Hand-made cookies and brownies decorated for Valentine’s Day

Houselife Food Fashion: kitchen and fashion styling services

And many more!!! Come and enjoy!

Event Information via down loadable PDF

January 21, 2011

Episode 16 – Quick Tip on Pop Screens – Calgary sound rentals – Behind the Scene Podcast

Episode-16 Quick Tip on Pop Screens

This weeks episode, a tip for home recording enthusiast on pop screens.

mixing a mariachi band
Live Mariachi Band

Here is a transcript from the podcast.

Welcome to episode 16 of Calgary sound rentals behind the scene podcast, an inside look at Calgary’s music scene featuring interviews and tracks by local bands, sound tips, upcoming event listings and more.

Today on the podcast, a quick tip for the home recording enthusiast on controlling plosives.

(this weeks sound advice)
If you listened to the previous episode of this podcast you may have noticed some clipping on certain consonants while I was speaking. This occurred because I did not use a pop screen in between my mouth and the microphone.

A plosive is when you obstruct air flowing through your vocal chords with your tongue or lips. Usually on a recording they will be most noticeable on p’s and b’s.

Plosives can clip your mic by creating a sudden burst of air on your mics diaphragm.
Smaller diagrams like those found in condenser mics will likely be more effected.
A well known way to control this when recording, is to use a pop screen.

For those of you who don’t know, A pop screen is a thinly woven mesh like material similar to a woman’s nylon which helps to break apart the energy of problem consonants.

For me a pop screen seems to work best when it is slightly angled, or not parallel with my mouth. This places more fibers in between the sound source and the mic. The whole idea is to break apart that burst of air or sound energy so that the diaphragm is not pinned and the mic does not clip.
Another reason for a pop on your recording could be that the circuitry of your condenser mic can not handle the sudden burst of energy. The pop screen solves these problems by reflecting some energy in various directions away from the mic.

But Kris what about higher frequencies you say? won’t they be effected by the nylon material? Yes they will but arguably very little and it is worth it to not have your signal asymmetrically clipped every time a p or a b is used.

Unfortunately since we are usually recording on the go or in untreated spaces, we are not always in ideal recording conditions. Sometimes we’re on two condenser mics, sometimes two dynamic, sometimes I record directly into a portable recorder or even my iPhone. We record with what’s available at the time.
Sad trombone.

Actually right now I am recording this on an sm58 in a very large reflective room. (I just finished sound checking a mariachi band for a performance in Jameson places winter gardens. )

Coming up this weekend.
Check out the last day of the high performance rodeo If you haven’t seen it yet.
Past guest, Reuben bullock’s, devils time video premier is on Jan 28th.

Next week Amos will continue his sound check walk through and we should have an interview from another local musician

Calgary sound rentals is an audio visual company helping to grow small businesses and actively supporting non-profit communities and local bands. If you are interested on being featured on the podcast or for more information please visit calgarysoundrentals.com find us on twitter at Twitter.com/@soundrentals or friend us on facebook. Peace.

January 12, 2011

Episode 15 – Quick Tip on Panning – Calgary sound rentals – Behind the Scene Podcast

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Episode-15 Quick Tip on Panning

This weeks episode, a tip for home recording enthusiast on realistic panning.

Here is a transcript from the podcast.

Often when we record an instrument it will end up being a single track in our mix. The problem with this is that humans are binaural creatures, we have two ears. In the real world when a sound occurs we hear it from the ear closer to the sound source first and then with our other ear.

In our recordings if you have a mono signal both your left and right speakers will be producing the same level of signal so if you are listening with headphones the sound will appear to exist directly in front of you. If you pan the signal to one or the other side, more volume of that signal will occur in one or the other headphone which gives the impression that the instrument is closer to one ear.
The only problem is that the signal in the other speaker or headphone is occurring at the same time. This slight difference from the real world where sound is delayed slightly from one ear to the other will make the panning seem unnatural.

In the real world your other ear is hearing different reflections and absorptions mixed in along with the sound source. This combined sound will be different in each ear.
To create this effect in your workstation you could add an effect to a delayed signal in the panned channel with less volume.
You will be surprised at home much more lively your instrument will become.

With any luck I am in Mexico right now so I do not have anyone with me for our green room feature.

Hope you are staying warm and you can hear from us again next week.
Thank you for listening.

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