May 27, 2013

Opera at Chicago Chophouse

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We worked with Row A Events over the weekend in support of the Ability’s Society of Alberta’s event – Opera at the Chicago Chophouse.

(From left to right – opera singers Tatiana Ilina, Paul J. Kelly, Don Goerzen and Kathleen Morrison.)

The venue’s natural alcove acting acted as a perfect platform for the performers – setting quite the operatic environment.

Though the lights were at least 30 ft. away (with the stage wash lights sitting about 75 ft. away), we were still able to illuminate the performers. We were careful to light the stage from the same angle as the audience’s perspective, so as to not cast unwanted shadows visible from their view.

Giving our new Rode condenser microphones a whirl, we were able to smoothly amplify the string section (two violinists and a cellist). Working with this particular setting – a very active and live room – it was difficult to get the very sensitive microphone to not pick up general audience chatter.

As it was a different setting, the challenges were not picking up the audience’s conversations, and yet still amplifying these concert hall instruments. To effectively separate the sounds, we isolated the richness of the string section by boosting the mid range frequencies.

The majority of the people that the Ability’s Society of Alberta are living with autism, and the organization supports them and their families into leading high-quality, functional lives.

We were very proud to assist in the success of this night’s fundraiser.

May 17, 2013

New Inventory: 55″ Flat Panel Television and Projector Screens

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We are very happy to announce that we
will now be supporting trade shows, meetings and other
presentations by providing quality 55″ LG LCD LED televisions
and ultra-portable projection screens for rental.


This 55″ television features an ultra
slim panel depth; 1920 x 1080p resolution; 120Hz refresh rate;
100,000:1 contrast ratio; and accepts HDMI, USB, RF (Cable),
component video, VGA, and 1/8″ audio input.

This unit is available with a standard base, or our rolling adjustable height television cart. We have also been known to fly our screens from truss as well as fashioning them to crank stands which enables the screens to be visible at heights up to 16′. (See below)

Our ultra-portable Da-Lite projector screens provide great view-ability for larger events like business conferences, live accompanying media or presentations.  We offer an array of screens which are 10′ x 14′, 6′ x 6′ and 7′ x 6′.

Rent our televisions or ultra-portable, fast-fold screens for your event today!


May 13, 2013

Bengali New Year 1420

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We were able to help out with the celebration for the 1420 Bengali New Year this May 11, working together with the Marlborough Community Association.

We set up four light trees, with each tree having its own four lights. With these sixteen lights, it seemed a great opportunity to exercise creative liberties.

We alternated DMX addresses when daisy-chaining the lights – for a total of seven unique addresses. Though the DMX mixing board we used had 16 channels, there were two specific lights we’d used in which the colour red was assigned to the first fader (as opposed to the fourth, which was usual with the other lights). So, we couldn’t just easily work in increments of 16 when assigning DMX addresses. To resolve this, we added four to the addresses on both of the side-fill lights to match the code of the other lights – allowing for more control to the individual mixing the event.

Also, as requested by the client who would be tech’ing the event, we assigned the O-Beast light to the sound-activated function.

(Long-exposure [2 second] shot of the O-Beast’s range of lighting.)

As there were a lot of attendees, we had to also ensure that equipment and gear was safely covered, and wouldn’t pose a tripping a hazard. After sharing gaff tape with the organizers, it ran out pretty quickly. One of the organizers was nice enough to find us a whole roll while we were still setting up for the event, allowing for us to continue taping down the cords and cables, as well as the legs for the lighting stand tripods.

All in all, it was an excellent event. We were kindly offered some spicy food during the event clean up, which was lovely.

Happy New Year!

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