November 29, 2013

Musician Expedition

Calgary Sound Rentals presents…

The first annual Musician Expedition — a fundraiser for Deaf & Hear Alberta, in partnership with Alberta Music, the Village Brewery, SAVK, and Calgary Folk Fest.

Together, we raised nearly $600 in donations to Deaf & Hear Alberta.

Also, a special thank you to Kenna BurimaLorrie Matheson, Pat Pallardy and Sarah Kitteringham, who all volunteered their time to speak through either of our Question and Answer periods throughout the evening.

We would also like to thank all of the performing bands, the artists and musicians in attendance, as well as the volunteers and employees that helped make the evening — including Duncan Kenworthy, Mike Engel and Kyle Napier.

Please feel free to take a listen to various recordings from throughout the night from our Behind the Scene Podcast – Episode 58.

First on the stage were Rotary Park, a five-piece bluegrass outfit – with a 3/4 upright bass, a fiddle, a banjo and two guitars. As their fiddle player wasn’t able to make the performance, the members invited two other performers up – one to sing, and one to play the fiddle.

The second artist, Nathan M. Godfrey, captivated audiences with a solo performance. Many of his songs are throwbacks to traditional grassroots blues recorded in the ’30s. Godfrey’s rendition and originals come with his signature Albertan drawl and full guitar sound.

Nathan M. Godfrey brings an almost haunting, ’30s appeal from his music, admitting on his website that he at a time drew influences from friends that may or may not have existed in a cubby hole in an old home.

While both members of Clinton St. John were setting up on stage, Kenna Burima hosted the first Question and Answer panel with Stephen Van Kampen, Kenna Burima and Pat Pallardy.

They discussed Recording and Live Sound, responding to challenges faced in the studio or on stage, the technical and theoretical aspects of sound engineering, and the creative liberties exercised throughout the process.

The third performance was Clinton St. John, performing as a duo with his wife accompanying him on vocals, guitar and drums.

They entranced audiences with tight, collaborative grooves that speak to their mutual intuition and understanding of each other’s musicianship.

After Clinton St. John, we held our second Question and Answer session, held between Duncan Kenworthy, Stephen Van Kampen of SAVK and Sarah Kitteringham – a BeatRoute reporter pursuing her Master’s degree on Women in Metal.

They had discussed D.I.Y. – Making it as a Musician, detailing overcoming the challenges as artists, as well as their experiences with, and as, musicians.

Last to take the stage, but certainly not least, was SAVK, headlining the show with the CD release of their new album Love Letters and Hate Mail.

They had also provided live visuals, so we were able to project the videos alongside their performance.

It was interesting coming from the perspective of the event planners, seeing the event from a managerial side and collaborating directly with the artists, funders and other organizations. After months of planning, organization, scheduling and foresight, it was a great to see the evening come to fruition.

Mike – programming six par 56 lights set individual DMX addresses, is also setting two Intimidator with home and swivel positions, as well as the projector slides and presentation. Mike worked a few different roles throughout the night, balancing his time between the door and filling in around the event.

Again, the biggest of thank you’s to everybody involved in this evening,

- Calgary Sound Rentals

November 8, 2013

New Rental Item: ELP-DC11 overhead projector document camera

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new Epson ELP-DC11 document camera - ideal for presentations of documents, textbook pages, multidimensional objects or any other live overhead projection.

The document camera features a 5-megapixel sensor, 10x digital zoom and 30 frame-per-second video when at full resolution. It supports VGA, composite or USB connections to a projector.

Also built in to the camera are a microphone, overhead lighting, auto-focus capability and adjustable arms (as shown).

With a smooth video feed, this overhead projection camera is a great complement to your clean and professional demonstration.