January 24, 2014

It Was A Pleasure Then…

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The Calgary Outsider Art Society and the University of Calgary Film Society banded together for a Victorian Surrealist art party last night at the Globe Cinema.

The collaboration amid the event really does lead one to consider a few of the involved elements necessary to hold this event: the blending communities, the spectrum between analog and digital arts, and the rich range of media for the audience.

The event featured performances by Rob Roy and the Sultans, Post-Namers, Tomahonqii and Firestarter on the top floor; a theatre downstairs airing contemporary experimental video projects between classic black-and-white films; an opium den photo booth in the basement; and medium-bending art and photography on the walls between each floor.

Amid the scene were photographers taking stellar shots with nice wide apertures, patrons dressed in 1860s chic, videographers filming component elements, musicians of all ilk — each contributing to the scene in their own individual way.

To me, the most amazing part of the event is in its inherent nature, owed to the cohesive interconnectivity between these dynamic – yet similar – communities.

For instance, Rob Roy and the Sultans were able to get a video feed in which the projected visuals directly reflected the resonance and tone of the music being played live. To do this, Patrick – a guitarist in the group – called the video engineer, while the video engineer ran an auxiliary output to a computer program which then responded to the volume and frequencies, which then tied into a projector. It was awesome.

We’re glad to say we were able to donate a bit of gear in support of this non-profit event.

January 17, 2014

Advances in Audio/Visual: Wi-Fi Lighting Fixtures

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There has been a Wi-Fi lighting revolution in the past few years.

After a bit of research, it seems that wireless lighting caters to home and personal users over professional event and staging users – for now.

Costs in technologies seem to vary between $20-60 per bulb, or roughly $200 per device package. Each light has an operating time of 8+ hours (with recharagable options), seem consistently weather resistant, have an arguably similar reach and throw when compared with industry-standard par can lights, and do without the wiring and connectivity issues. It would also seem that some Wi-Fi lighting fixtures run without a fan, which could be great for DJs running weddings or other quiet ceremonies.

The big secret, as wifiled.com notes, is that Wi-Fi controlled lighting fixtures operate using independent frequencies. That being said, they seem most communicative with Android smartphones, iOS interfaces, or a separately purchased remote built specifically for the model of fixture.

Conversely, these wireless fixtures do not seem to cooperate with traditional DMX fixtures. Essentially, this means that if you would like to use more complicated lights in a series – such as lights that swivel on the X,Y axis, have rotating gobos, or have no Wi-Fi function – you would have to run cable anyway.

Overall, it seems that Wi-Fi lighting fixtures fare better for personal use (replacing CFLs), or more relaxed lighting set-ups – such as weddings or corporate events. Conversely, they don’t seem practical for the more intricate events requiring multiple complicated lights. That is, although Wi-Fi par lights save the time spent running cable and power, they do not yet seem suitable for high-performance shows requiring multiple lights to cooperate for scenes and chases.

Frog Fest Fundraiser

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Check out the Frog Fest Fundraiser tonight at the National Music Centre – a fundraiser for the main Frog Fest event held in the summer.

Tonight’s show is a gathering of Calgary’s spirited music communities, featuring bands Lazercake, Mammoth Grove and Rob Roy and the Sultans. Other attractions include between-band party moving selections, a raffle with fun prizes, a food concession with special chili, and – of course – musically-glued friendships and new homies-to-be-had.

As tonight’s fundraiser is sponsored by the Village Brewery, you can bet your behind that there will also be great locally brewed drinks available.

Calgary Sound Rentals has been a proud sponsor of Frog Fest since 2012, historically providing the main Frog Fest with sound equipment, including few home-made subwoofers – AKA the experiments, AKA the frogs – named after their association and low frequencies.

Doors: 8:00PM

Tickets: $10 at the door

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